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Beetles are important pollinators in a lowland dipterocarp forest in Southeast Asia. Most of canopy and emergent dipterocarps are pollinated by beetles feeding on floral tissues. Some understory trees and forest floor herbs are pollinated by different types of beetles. Homalomena propinqua (Araceae) is pollinated by two specias of beetles. One of them, Parastasia sp. (Scarabaeidae), stays inside the spathe chamber and feeds on staminodes.

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Cecropia obtusa Trécul (Cecropiaceae), a pioneer species associated with the initial phases of vegetation sequences of tropical South American forests.

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<IT>Artibeus lituratus,</IT> the great fruit bat, feeding on the infructescences of <IT>Cecropia</IT> sp. Species of <IT>Artibeus</IT> are important dispersers of <IT>Cecropia.</IT> Morphological and anatomical study has revealed that the dispersal unit of <IT>Cecropia</IT> is the entire fruit, not just the seed. Bats consume the fleshy floral parts surrounding the fruits and disperse the fruits.

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