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Autoradiograph of a small area of longisection of henbane anther following in situ hybridization with 35s-labeled rice histone antisense probe. Autoradiographic silver grains are localized in epidermis and endodermis (at bottom).

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Salt-secreting stem cuttings of Avicennia germinans (left) and Frankenia grandifolia (right) placed in a flask containing 30 mM NaCI under continuous fluorescent light. A. germinans salt deposits are scattered white spots, mainly on the upper (adaxial) leaf surface. Long, hairlike, white salt deposits are obvious on both surfaces of leaves and on the internodes of the stem of F. grandifolia.

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Different stages of cell division in marginal cells of the discoid thallus of the charophyte, Coleochaete orbicularis, double stained to show microtubules (green) and nuclei (red).

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Photograph of a tissue print from a mature leaf of Peperomia camptotricha. A thich hand-cut fresh leaf section was pressed onto a nitrocellulose membrance. The resulting untouched print was photographed with side illumination to give a 3-D appearance. Such prints can be used for histochemical studies.

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