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Longitudinal Sections of Two Ovules of the Orchid, <em>Epipactis helleborina</em
Margit Fredrikson University of G&#246;teborg Department of Systematic Botany G&#246;teborg 41319 Sweden
Epipactis helleborina, Longitudinal sections,
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Longitudinal sections of two ovules of the orchid, Epipactis helleborina, photograhped from an image on the confocal laser scanning microscope and artificially colorized.
Article Title: The Development of the Female Gametophyte of Epipactis (Orchidaceae) and its Inference for Reproductive Ecology
Abstract: The development of the female gametophytes of Epipactis atrorubens, E. helleborine, and E. palustris have been investigated using confocal scanning laser microscopy. These species have T-tetrads and eight-nucleate female gametophytes in common. The development of the female gametophyte is monosporic in accordance with the Polygonum type. Furthermore, the outer integument grows slowly and reaches to the middle of the inner integument, when the female gametophyte is mature. In the first two species, T-tetrads develop prior to anthesis, which may be correlated with autogamy. The development of the female gametophyte of E. palustris appears to be similar in plants from different localities.
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copyright: Margit Fredrikson, BSA
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<em>Epipactis helleborina</em>, ovules, orchid,
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The development of the female gametophyte of <em>Epipactis</em> (Orchidaceae) and its interference for reproductive ecology
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