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Ledothamnus sessiliflorus (Ericaceae): an endemic genus of the Guiana Highlands
Erin Tripp Duke University Biology 139 Biological Sciences, Science Drive Durham North Carolina USA,David Clarke University of North Carolina Asheville North Carolina USA
This is a photograph of Ledothamnus sessiliflorus N.E. Brown (Ericaceae: blueberry family). The genus of seven species (Luteyn 1995) is found only in the Guiana Highlands of northern South America, a region known for its pristine habitat and highly endemic flora. Ledothamnus was thought to be endemic to tepui summits of the Venezuelan Guyana. During the summer of 2004, it was collected in Guyana by Dr. David Clarke (Univ. of North Carolina-Asheville), Stephen Stern (Univ. of Utah), Diana Gittens (Univ. of Guyana), Amerindian collaborators, and myself from the summit of Mt. Maringma. Maringma, slightly east of Mt. Roraima, is the highest tepui wholly within Guyana (2200 m / 7200 ft.) and was previously unexplored biologically. Its tepui summit hosts genuine cloud forests characterized by quaking bogs, rocky outcrops, and dense, tangled vegetation. At 5
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Ledothamnus sessiliflorus (Ericaceae)
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Mt. Maringma, tepui, western Guyana
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