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An extensive natural stand of the homoploid hybird species Iris nelsonii (Iridaceae) in a cypress swamp in extreme southern Louisiana.

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Diverse fruits of cultivars of Solanum muricatum (Pepino duice) ranging from northern (rotund forms) through southern (elongate forms) Peruvian gardens.

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Group of giant lobelias (Lobelia wollastonii) in front of a larger group of giant senecios (Dendrosenecio adnivalis) at 4,000 m elevation in the Ruwenzori mountains of Uganda.

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The purported diploid hybrid species spectabillis (bluish-pink flowers) co-occurring with P. centranthifolius (red flowers), one of its hypothesized progenitor species.

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Left: Trigger hair of Dionaea muscipula (Venus flytrap). Right: Enlarged view of mucilage-covered tip of Drosera capensis (Cape sundew). Each of these two different structures produces an electrical signal that triggers leaf movements, an apomorphy uniting Dionaea and Drosera with the Droseraceae.

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